The Live Album

Ricochet - The Live Album is a fantastic album.  The Live Album includes some of the best songs out there, including "What Do I Know," "Daddy's Money," "Love Is Stronger Than Pride," and "Seven Bridges Road."  The Live Album, recorded in Las Vegas, also includes their well-known and recognized version of "The Star Spangled Banner."  Ricochet are one of the only groups that have released and charted the National Anthem.  With clear and precise harmonies, Ricochet have taken their music to a new level with the release of this live album.  From my experiences at their live shows. you can definitely tell that their fans are completely into their shows.  They showcase so much energy and
enthusiasm, that it is impossible not to have a good time at their shows.  In my opinion, Ricochet have been one of the only groups to maintain their sense of style within the industry.  Even when changing members, they seem to overpower obstacles and come back stronger than ever.  They continue to be one of the best vocally harmonized groups to date in country music.  Hopefully, a major label in Nashville will take notice of Ricochet and give them the chance that they well deserve!  The Live Album is truly a fantastic album with great potential.  With a major label, and a little promotion, Ricochet could definitely be right up there alongside some of the top groups in country music.  - Janelle Landauer

Album picks: "What Do I Know," "The Star Spangled Banner," and "He Left A Lot to Be Desired."
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