The Only Reason
Super Country Cowboy
That's Where Songs Come From
Do We Still
Big Time In A Small Town
Don't Make This Easy On Me
Love Me Like You're Gonna Lose Me
Every Man's Got A Mountain
Holding Back The Ocean
Red, White And Blue
"That's Where Songs Come From" is the true standout.  I think Lynne could really see success with this one.  The ballads on this debut are the strong points.  From the up-tempo tracks, "Big Time In A Small Town" is the best song.  I would bet many country fans could relate to "Big Time In A Small Town." "It's a big time in a small town... everybody's comin' from miles around... When the sun comes up, we'll be gettin' down... It's a big time in a small town."

Rockie Lynne proves that he can write and sing.  In future albums, it'd be nice to see a little more originality in his vocals, but this is still an album that deserves to be recognized.  The album, Rockie Lynne is a strong debut with many promising tracks.

Quality tracks: "More," "Lipstick," "That's Where Songs Come From," and "Big Time In A Small Town." - Janelle Landauer
Rockie Lynne
Street date: May 2, 2006

Newcomers are popping up more than ever this year.  One of those newcomers happens to be Rockie Lynne on Universal South Records.  Lynne's current debut single "Lipstick" has done very well on the charts and you have to admit, it's a pretty darn good single for radio.

Lynne's voice often reminds me of Jimmy Wayne especially on the song "More."  It's not a bad similarity to have because Wayne has a fantastic, pure voice, but it hinders on the "originality" factor.

With that said, this self-titled by Rockie Lynne is still an enjoyable debut.  Lynne's songs are wonderful and he stands behind every track either as the writer or co-writer.

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