Sweet Right Here

On June 8th 2004, SHeDAISY released Sweet Right Here on Lyric Street Records.  SHeDAISY's debut single from this album, "Passenger Seat" was the perfect single to get fans reacquainted with them.  SHeDAISY released "Come Home Soon" as their follow-up single.  "Come Home Soon" finally was a song for those who are at home alone waiting for their loved ones to return.  The song portrays such a powerful message and it is such a meaningful song. 
Added: March 9, 2005
The one thing that continues to impress me with SHeDAISY is that each one of sisters plays an imperative part in this trio.  They all play an active role in the production of their albums.  Kassidy may sing all the leads, but SHeDAISY wouldn't be the same without the background vocals of Kristyn and Kelsey.  Kristyn also writes or co-writes literally everything on their albums.  She is no doubt one of the best songwriters in Nashville.  Kristyn has such a unique songwriting style that's out there on the edge of every genre you could think of.

I believe "Love Goes On" would most likely have the most success for SHeDAISY.  Kassidy, Kristyn, and Kelsey harmonize so well together.  Even though they are sisters, their harmonizing is a pure attribute to them and this album sets them apart from others in the industry.  I know SHeDAISY has been having some success, but I can't understand why they aren't dominating the single and album sales charts.  They have the ability to be very successful- they just need the chance.  Sweet Right Here is definitely worth listening to. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks: "Passenger Seat," "360* of You," "Love Goes On," "Come Home Soon," and "Without A Sound."
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