Shelly Fairchild
Street Date: May 3, 2005

Shelly Fairchild came onto the country music scene with her debut single, "You Don't Lie Here
Anymore."  Even though I was pretty skeptical after hearing this single, I gave it a chance and listened
to it a couple more times.  I say it over, and over but for some reason, some singles just take awhile
to grow on you, this one included.  "You Don't Lie Here Anymore" is a great debut single.  It is the
single out of a collection of songs that you would want to debut to new fans everywhere.  Although this single didn't blow away the charts, it still gave Fairchild that little bit of publicity needed to get her name out there.  Fairchild also didn't have much success with her follow-up single, "Tiny Town" although this is a great single, as well.  It's hard to say what the trend is for new artists anymore.  I believe that artists and their reps need to do a better job at selecting songs that the fans want to hear.  Even though "Tiny Town" is a fantastic single, right now, up-tempos seem to be more popular with new artists.  Shelly Fairchild has a string of "likable" songs on Ride which includes both singles thus far, but is she having the success such as some other debut acts?   No.  I've been trying to figure out why some artists like Gretchen Wilson have so much success (even though not the greatest vocals) and artists like Fairchild who have the vocals, don't succeed on the charts.  Fairchild released a pretty respectable debut.  Ride includes many good songs, and most notably "Kiss Me," "Ready To Fall," "I Want To Love You," along with her two singles so far.  This album includes 11 tracks 4 of which Fairchild co-wrote.  Ride is an impressive debut by a unique newcomer, Shelly Fairchild.

Album picks: "Kiss Me," "Ready To Fall," "I Want To Love You," "Tiny Town," and "You Don't Lie Here Anymore."
Added: May 20, 2005
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