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Studio Spotlight:  Studio 515 (Nashville, TN)
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Studio Spotlight:  Studio 515 Interview with Owner/Producer Tim Grogan
By Janelle Landauer

Tim Grogan is one of the owners and producers for Studio 515 – one of Nashville’s finest recording studio's.  Grogan started his career early on – and had several breaks all before the age of 19. “I had already been able to share the stage or work with some jazz greats, including a 2 week stint with Dizzy Gillespie,” says Grogan. “I also played as an extra in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and did studio gigs for commercials.  All of these were great breaks and they all lead to other cool things.”

Grogan has had a deeply rooted love for music since he was a small child. “I used to spin records for hours on a little player the family had from around age three, and my passion for great songs and great musicianship and great audio has only grown stronger over the years,” notes Grogan. “I still get so excited when I hear a new great band or artist and I still get that electric feeling.”

Studio 515 is a full production recording studio – and is suited for live tracking of full bands.  Tim Grogan and Rod Lewis opened its doors in 2003 and haven’t looked back yet. “Studio 515 is such an awesome dream come true for me,” exclaims Grogan. “I was involved in every process of the design of it and continually guide its direction.  The physical environment of the studio is nicely open and there's a creative and relaxed vibe there.”

Since the opening of Studio 515, Grogan has had a stellar list of clients – and the list continues to grow.  Some noted artists who have recorded at Studio 515 include: Jeffrey Steele, John Berry, David Kersh and Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts.  Several hit songwriters have also chose to record at their studio as well including Hillary Lindsey, Robert Ellis Orrall and Angelo.

In late 2007, Grogan began co-producing 2 new projects for Aaron Tippin at Studio 515. “One is gonna have a few of his hits that we re-cut and did slightly different versions on, and it'll also contain some brand new material that no one's heard yet, too,” adds Grogan. “The second of the two CD's is going to have some originals and some covers and is gonna be a truck drivers' theme.”

Producing projects for artists in country music might come naturally for Grogan… but, he doesn’t limit his work to just those artists in country music. “I love so many genres of music and I'm always looking for new blends and combinations of styles for something fresh,” explains Grogan. “But generally speaking – rock, folk, R&B, and country are the things I typically do along with the scattered experimental project here and there.  I've been producing several indie rock bands here in Nashville, including an EP from a band called "Ethan Swim". You can hear a sampling of that record on the studio's MySpace page

On a closing note, Grogan offers a little advice for those who might want to pursue a career in the music industry. “Make sure that you're getting into music because you have the deepest love, appreciation, and utmost respect for what music is, the beauty and power it can bring, and the emotions it can conjure up." Regardless if you choose a career in the music industry, Grogan says that you should do whatever inspires you personally… “That's what you'll do best; you'll do you're best work in the thing that really gets you excited and that is coming from your heart.”

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Tim Grogan is endorsed by Drum Workshop drums, and Vic Firth sticks.
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