Trey Matthews – Scoring Hits On and Off Of The Baseball Field...
by Janelle Landauer

Trey Matthews was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Growing up, he had hopes of someday playing Major League baseball.  In high school, he earned all state and honorable mention all American honors before enrolling at Alvin Co. College where he was recruited by Nolan Ryan.  He finished his college days at Southwest Texas St. University where he received all Southland Conference accolades.  While he was playing baseball out in left field, he began making up songs in his head and there he decided that if he wasn’t playing baseball, he wanted to become a professional songwriter.

In 1992, Matthews started visiting Nashville and in 1996, he made the move to Music City.  One of the first music business contacts he made was with David Chamberlain, who has written several number one hits in his career.  “I went out to his house one day and he really liked my songs,” says Matthews.  “He called me a couple of days later and told me that he got me an appointment with Buddy Killen to go to his office and play him some songs.  I went and met with Buddy and 3 months later he signed me to my first publishing deal.”

“My first goal when I came to Nashville was the same as any other aspiring songwriter and that was to actually get paid to write songs,” notes Matthews. “I was very lucky to have that happen so quickly.  Another goal was to hear something I wrote on the radio which first happened in 2000 when Daryle Singletary recorded and released a song I wrote called “I’ve Thought of Everything”.  Having a number one song is my ultimate goal that I have yet to reach. Just knowing that you had a part in writing the most played song in the country has got to be an incredible feeling.”

In 2007, Matthews had four cuts on the debut Cole Deggs & The Lonesome album released on Sony BMG. “Cole and I have been friends a long time,” explains Matthews.  “We have been working together since way before he ever got his record deal.  A couple of the songs we wrote actually helped get him signed to Sony. The great thing about working with Cole is there is absolutely no pressure when we get together to write. We just have a good time whether we come up with anything or not.  I was very excited in knowing that his record label and his producers thought enough of the songs to record them.”

During his time in Nashville, Matthews has also had songs recorded by Ty Herndon, Mark McGuinn, South Sixty-Five, The Wilkinsons, Andy Griggs, Tracy Byrd and newcomer David Nail.  Nail recorded his song, “Watertower Skyline”, though Matthews doesn't know yet if it will make it on Nail's debut MCA Nashville album or not. “I think David is a great talent with a very bright future so I hope and pray the song hangs in there” adds Matthews.

Matthews currently writes for Sony ATV Music Publishing and is looking forward to what lies ahead in his music career.  On a final note, he sends along his thanks to all the fans of country music. “I know the artist says they couldn’t survive without the fans but the same holds true for the country music songwriter.  You enable us to do this for a living instead of just as a hobby so thank you for loving the music.”

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Added: April 12, 2008
Songwriter Spotlight:  TREY MATTHEWS
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