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Josh Turner
Long Black Train

I had done a short review on "Long Black Train" last year when the album was released.  Recently, I had a little time to go back on old albums and I came across "Long Black Train" once again.  I thought it was time to do a full review on this album because it was one of the best albums released in 2003.
Josh Turner's debut single on MCA Nashville was "She'll Go On You."  This single didn't do quite as
well as everyone had hoped, but MCA had enough faith in him to release another single.  That single became "Long Black Train" and was just what Turner and MCA needed.  "Long Black Train" was one of the highlights of 2003.  It gained notable recognition from almost everyone including fans, radio and the entire country music industry.  In 2004, Turner released another single  "What It Ain't."  Another outstanding release from this highly noted new artist.  Turner has a rare vocal quality that you don't hear much on the radio anymore.  I am guessing that Josh Turner will release a new album mid- 2005 since he will be releasing a new single in April.  I am definitely looking forward to what the new year brings for Josh Turner. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:
"Long Black Train," "What It Ain't," "Unburn All Our Bridges," "The Difference Between A Woman And A Man," and "She'll Go On You."
Added: December 25, 2004
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