- Wynonna  - What The World Needs

I look around at all the faces and I see
All the lonely people looking back at me
Rich, poor don't matter we're all the same
Everybody's hungry in a different way
We're clawin' and climbin' and kickin' and screamin' and fightin' but really

What the world needs now is love
Love and only love
A little help from up above
Faith to make a better day
Let's come together
Lay our differences down
Spread it all around
That's what the world needs now

(La, la, la, la, la)

Sometimes all it takes is just a smile
To change somebody's weather
Chase the clouds out of their sky
Sometimes you gotta give and not receive
Sometimes you gotta live what you believe
Open your arms cause that's where it starts
Right here with you and with me


Nobody likes the cold
We all need someone to hold
No one wants to be alone

Chorus: Repeat 3 times

(Third time: "Let's come together, lay our prejudices down")
(La, la, la, la, la)

- Wynonna - "Heaven Help Me"
(Chuck Cannon & James Dean Hicks)

I could lose my vision
My eyes no longer see
I could lose my religion
In my struggle to believe

That would be a loss
That would be a cross
I'd somehow rise above
But Heaven help me
If I ever lose your love

I've traded my innocence
For the secrets of the night
Felt my calloused conscience
Lose its grip on wrong and right

It cut me to the bone
But somehow I've held on
'Cause I could feel your touch
But Heaven help me
If I ever lose your love

'Cause you are the one light that shines on me
Without your love God knows where I'd be

Lost without a prayer
Somewhere way out there
My soul would turn to dust
Heaven help me
If I ever lose your love

(Repeat Chorus)

So hold me close again
Tell me it won't end
And that will be enough
Heaven help me
If I ever lose your love

Heaven help me
If I ever lose your love
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