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Back in 2000, I came across Angie Broberg opening for country artist Shane Minor at our county fair here in Nebraska.  Although Country Music Online was not even in existence yet, I continued to attend many of Broberg's shows throughout the years.  I have watched Angie grow vocally so much over the past 4 years.  Broberg recently completed her new album, entitled, "Unchanged" which can be purchased at her website:

Unchanged consists of 10 tracks including "Beautiful," which she co-wrote with Jamie Wigginton.  Angie explains, "I co-wrote it with a good friend of mine here in Nashville, and it's one that we can both really relate to, so it was a fairly easy task to write it!  I just came in one day and said, "Jamie, I have an idea, and we need to write it."  I sang him the line "oh love ain't been beautiful to me" and we went from there.  I really think a lot of people out there can relate to the song as well, because whenever a relationship is over, or you're just frustrated about being on your own, someone always says things like, "oh, don't worry, there's someone out there, and when you find him/her, you'll just know.  It'll be so easy and right that you won't have to try at all."  Sounds good... I want to believe it, but until it happens, I won't.  I guess the song pretty much says it all!!!"

All of the songs on Unchanged were written by the best songwriters in Nashville, in my opinion.  Trey Bruce, Jeremy Stover, Rick Giles, Holly Lamar, Annie Roboff, Troy Verges, Mark D. Sanders and so many more.  The incredible list of songwriters for this entire album is just unbelievable.  "Almost There" was written by Trey Bruce, Tommy Lee James and DreamWorks Nashville recording artist, Danielle Peck.  "Almost There" describes the journey almost every new artist has to take when they move from their small towns to Nashville looking for a career in the music business.   Broberg begins, "I actually heard a girl singing this at a showcase last winter and thought it was a good song.  When it was pitched to me by Universal and I had the chance to really hear the lyrics, I just had to laugh.  It just sounded a little bit like my first trip to Nashville a few years ago when it seemed like I was never going to get here!  It also really fits where I'm at now because I've left my small town, am on to a bigger place, and am getting closer to the goal I set out to reach!"

Unchanged is compromised of many potential tracks including "Just Another Day," "Almost There," "I Don't Want A Heart," and "Beautiful."  Curb Recording artist JoDee Messina also co-wrote "One Good Reason" with Jeremy Stover and Kris Bergsnes which appears on this new album.  All in all, this album is definitely worth checking out.  For more information on Angie Broberg, please visit her website at:  - Janelle Landauer
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