Angie Broberg

Angie Broberg's sophomore album, Unchanged is compromised of many potential tracks including "Just Another Day," "Almost There," "I Don't Want A Heart," and "Beautiful."  Broberg co-wrote "Beautiful" with Jamie Wigginton.  Curb Recording artist JoDee Messina co-wrote "One Good Reason" with Kris Bergsnes and Jeremy Stover.  "Just Another Day" is definite radio material along with several other tracks.  Broberg has a career in country music just waiting for her.  All in all, this album is definitely worth checking out.  For more information on Angie Broberg, please visit her website at: - Janelle Landauer

Album picks:  Just Another Day, Almost There, Beautiful, and Where Have I Been All My Life.

Track Listing: Click on select titles for clips
1.  One Good Reason           2.  Just Another Day        3.  Where Have I Been All My Life
4.  I Still Believe In Love        5.  Almost There              6.  Unchanged
7.  You Must Be Missin' Me  8.  I Don't Want A Heart    9.  Take It                10. Beautiful
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New Artist Feature: Angie Broberg
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