Rodney Atkins

Rodney Atkins recently released his debut album, entitled Honesty.  The first single, "Honesty (Write Me A List)" is at #10 on the Billboard charts.  (Issue Date: December 13th, 2003)  This single is definitely a strong single for Atkins, and continues to get him recognition. 

Pick Hit: "I Will Come To You"
Rodney's view of the song: That song I wrote with a fellow named, Bruce Gaitsch and my
co-producer.  His name is Ted Hewitt. We got together and I had just this idea. Basically the chorus of the song.  I told them what it was, and Bruce started playing the melody and it all kind of fit together.  I really love the way that the song moved and what it said.  It's saying about somebody just having complete faith in their love, and while the other person is just trying to figure things out.  I just love that commitment of I know this is it.  I played this song for my wife, and I wasn't sure what I had, and when I played it for her, she said "I love that."  That's a hit.  It almost didn't make the album.  As they sent it out to radio and advance copies to you guys, it keeps coming back and people are picking that song as a single.

CMO's view of the song: This is our favorite song on the album.  Well-written.  Powerful vocals.  Definite potential to be a highly successful single!

We feel that Atkins has potential, and this album shows just that.  Potential.  We see "Honesty" as one of the best albums by a newcomer in 2003.  -Keep an eye out for this great new artist, Rodney Atkins!

Album picks: "I Will Come To You," "My Old Man," "Honesty (Write Me A List)," and "What's Left Of Me."
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