New Artist Feature:  Carolina Rain
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Rhean Boyer, Gary Loyd, Jeremy Baxter, Marvin Evatt, Stephony Smith

"This is the song that named the band, the first one we ever wrote together.  I had the melody going, but we never really finished the song.  So when we got together with Stephony and Gary, we sang it for them to show them what our sound was like.  It had such a spark that we decided to re-write it and get it done.  It's one of our favorites."  - Jeremy

Robert Ellis Orrall, Curtis Wright

"This is the one song on the record that we didn't write.  We learned so much from Robert Ellis Orrall when he was producing us in the early days.  And this song is left over from back then.  We've never been able to shake the song.  Everybody loves it, and audiences really go for it live.  It's just a whole lot of fun." - Marvin

Rhean Boyer, Philip Douglas, Ron Harbin

"Great music all really boils down to a great groove, something that makes you move some part of your body.  When I bring a song home and the boys listen to it and start chiming in when I'm singing, we know that it's going to fit the group.  This is one of those songs.  As soon as I started singing it to Jeremy and Marvin, they jumped right in and, bam, there it was.  It felt completely natural, right away."  - Rhean

Rhean Boyer, Rand Bishop

"We had just walked away from a recording contract, and I was really feeling low that day.  I remembered a passage of scripture where the Lord was saying to Paul, 'I know you're suffering, but just know that you have brothers and sisters all over the world suffering with you.'  I thought, 'Wow, what a comforting thought.'  The devil likes to isolate us and make us feel alone sometimes.  And we're not.  So there's misfortune and hard times in this lyric, but also hope." - Rhean

Rhean Boyer, Gary Loyd, Stephony Smith

"This is a song about a guy who finally finds 'the one'.  He found someone who helps him face love fearlessly and with no reservations.  He's not scared to put it all on the line for her.  Doesn't everyone want to find that kind of love?" - Rhean

Rhean Boyer, Chuck Allen Floyd

"I wrote this song with Chuck Floyd.  It's really just a song about looking at the shape the world is in and imagining the way God really meant for it to be and wondering how it got this way wondering if it will ever change." - Rhean

"It seems like it's impossible to watch television or even drive down the road without seeing a problem you wish you could fix but know you can't.  When Rhean and I wrote this song, I think we were just acknowledging that desire to do more.  Hopefully the song is encouraging at the same time."  - Chuck

Rhean Boyer, Billy Montana, Don Ellis

"One thing that we have always tried to capture is our harmony singing.  We don't want to sound like a lead vocalist with background singers.  We try to push those harmonies out front.  And sometimes that's hard to capture on tape.  I think we got it right on this song."  - Marvin

"I like to write by finding a groove on the guitar.  Billy and Don were both late for some reason, so I was noodling around and came across this melody.  Then I started thinking that on this one day, before the sun goes down, everything that I will do in my life will probably happen somewhere else with somebody else.  When the others guys got there, I played it for them.  They got really fired up.  We knocked the song out in no time.  Sometimes God just gives you one.  Sometimes they just kinda fall out of you." - Rhean

Rhean Boyer, Tommy Conners

"I was already working on this melody when Tommy Connors came in to co-write with me one day.  On his way there, he had seen this old hobo sleeping under a bridge and thought, 'That's somebody's child.'  Which was wild, because I'd seen exactly the same thing.  We had the song finished before lunch.  The three chapters in the verses just fell together.  It's one of those songs where you feel like you were just God's utensil.  It felt divinely given.  The two of us were just lucky enough to be there."
- Rhean

Rhean Boyer, Gary Loyd, Stephony Smith

"This has always been a female favorite.  What female doesn't want to hear, 'Whatever you want to do, it's alright with me'?"
- Marvin

Rhean Boyer, Shaye Smith, Tim James

"I like to put little everyday details in lyrics, so that you can listen to the song and 'see' what's going on.  It all just paints a picture.  This is a song that deals with life, not just another love song.  We feel like we're incredibly blessed people, so it's hard when we write about a negative subject, like death.  That's why I tried to find hope and bring it around to a positive point of view."
- Rhean

Rhean Boyer, Robert Ellis Orrall, Jeff Coplan

"All of us agree that this one needs to become a single one day.  It takes you somewhere.  It makes you feel so nostalgic."
- Jeremy

"Growing up in Virginia Beach was awesome!  This is just a song about being on the road and reminiscing about days gone by" - Rhean

Rhean Boyer

"I wrote this one by myself one night.  The boys and I had been burning up the road pretty hard.  My wife and I hadn't had any time together.  When I got home, I decided we needed to spend some time together, just alone, no kids.  I got my mom to watch the kids one weekend, and we ran a hot bath and lit candles all over the house.  It was wonderful.  The weather had been really bad, so I asked her, 'What do you want to do all weekend?  It's been kind of crazy and rainy.'  And she said, 'Aw, who needs the sun?'  I could not go to sleep until that song was done." - Rhean

LYRICS from "Weather The Storm"
CAROLINA RAIN - Weather The Storm

Produced by Clint Black & Carolina Rain
*Produced by Stephony Smith   ** Produced by Rhean Boyer
*** Produced by Justin Niebank & Carolina Rain

Street date: September 19, 2006