Emerson Drive - Exclusive Feature

Last year, Emerson Drive made quite an impact with their self-titled debut album, Emerson Drive.  The album charted three hits.  "I Should Be Sleeping" and "Fall Into Me" established the band, and made fans all across North America start taking notice.  Brad Mates, lead singer of the band, also feels like those two songs helped to get the band started. '"I Should Be Sleeping" was the first single off the first cd.  I think it was a great introduction to show people who we were, and what we sounded like.  "Fall Into Me" was the song you couldn't go anywhere without hearing.  It was a very exciting feeling for us.  A lot of people connected with the video too on CMT, and GAC.  Just really adopted the song."

Last One Standing" was released to radio in mid-January 2004.  "Last One Standing" is their first single off of their sophomore album, "What If?" "Basically, what happened was we were finished with the whole album.  'Last One Standing' came across the desk at the last second, explains Mates.  We felt that it was a strong song, and basically showcased the band in the every way and we felt it was the icing on the cake for the album.  That's why we picked 'Last One Standing' as our first single from our sophomore album."  The video for "Last One Standing" can now be viewed on GAC (Great American Country," and will be airing soon on CMT (Country Music Television).

Emerson Drive's sophomore album, "What If?" will be released on June 15th, 2004. "There should be about 12 tracks on the album" Mates explains.  We have to cut a few songs on it right now because I think we have about 14 that are on there so we have to cut a couple and go from there.  Basically, what's going to happen on this new album is you are going to hear a more mature sound from the band than the first album.  I think we were a little more comfortable going into the studio this time recording the second cd.  Musically through, the band has stepped up another notch and we feel that if we can keep progressing musically in the studio, then we are making steps forward in our career.  That's pretty exciting.  Then also, to do
some of the different songs that we got from different songwriters.  We wrote about half the album ourselves.  This time around, I think it was just the whole chemistry a little more grounded, and we felt a little more comfortable."

Emerson Drive is currently on one of the largest tours world-wide.  They are opening for Shania Twain on her huge "Up" tour. Although their sets are cut back from when they are headlining, they enjoy being out on the road with her very much.  Mates goes on to explain, "Our set is cut down about three quarters of what it was.  We only do about 25 minutes with her.  The thing is that we are hitting 17,000 to 19,000 people every night when we are with her.  A lot of those people haven't heard of Emerson Drive before.  So for us to be able to get up on stage with her every night and play our 7 songs, we are basically winning over new fans every night.  We think it is the perfect set up for us and the new cd."

All in all, Emerson Drive have started up the road to success.  Even with band member changes, and performing to 15,000 plus each night, Emerson Drive seem to have it all together.  With a 'Academy of Country Music' award, 3 hits from their debut album, and a new album hitting stores on June 29th, I think it is safe to say that Emerson Drive should have much deserved success in the coming years!
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