Emerson Drive - What If?
Review by Samantha Higinbotham

Emerson Drive's "What If?" is my favorite new album for this year. With six of the most talented guys in Canada, you just can't go wrong. Of course six different guys means six different opinions. Those different opinions make each song unique and original. Produced by Richard Marx, the new album is very different from the band's debut album.

The first single from "What If?," "Last One Standing", is a fun song that was co-written by Marx. He also co-wrote 3 other songs included on the album.  The band's cover of "Fishin' In The Dark"  definitely has it's own twist compared to the original version by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Album picks: "Still Got Yesterday," "Running Back To You," and "November"

Emerson Drive - What If?
Review by Janelle Landauer

Emerson Drive's sophomore album is slated to release on June 29th.  Emerson Drive released their debut album on DreamWorks in 2002.  Emerson Drive released three hit singles which included "I Should Be Sleeping," "Fall Into Me," and "Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You)."  Their latest single, "Last One Standing" is on their new album, "What If?"

Although, Emerson Drive's debut album on DreamWorks was a great effort that penned 3 hits, this sophomore album from them overpasses their debut by a milestone.   The group has a more mature sound  and musically speaking, they are becoming one of the best groups in country music.

The band's rendition of "Fishin' In The Dark" is one of the best renditions that I have heard in a long time.  Emerson Drive definitely did the song proud and they are right up there with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on that song.

Pick hit: - Reasoning behind choosing "Last One Standing" as their first single off of "What If?" - (Brad Mates)  Basically, what happened was we were finished with the whole album.  "Last One Standing" came across the desk at the last second.  And we felt that it was a strong song, and basically showcased the band in every way and we felt it was the icing on the cake for the album.  That's why we picked "Last One Standing."

Album picks: "Waitin' On Me," "Runnin' On Back To You," "Fishin' In The Dark," and "I'll Die Tryin'."
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