Jim Brickman

Jim Brickman released "Grace" on April 19th 2005.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Brickman can play any style of music and make it work out in his favor.  Even though this album is not directly related to country music, I still wanted to add a review feature for those country fans that know Brickman through their country roots.  Four out of the 12 songs on "Grace" have vocals in addition to Brickman on the piano.  Ginny Owens, who is one of the top female Christian acts out right now, contributed her vocals to the traditional, "Amazing Grace."  "Hear Me (Tears Into Wine) featuring Michael Bolton is an amazing single and potentially the favorite from "Grace."    The well-known
Updated: July 19, 2005
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Christian group, Selah contributes to "Be Thou Near To Me."  "Be Thou Near To Me" is also a great single with high potential.  Brickman's instrumental gospel songs add so much character to "Grace."  Brickman re-arranged several classics including "Joyful," "How Great Thou Art," and "Holy, Holy, Holy."  Brickman also wrote some singles showing grace, including "Seventh Day," "Heaven," and "Israel." The other vocalist on this album is Mario Frangoulis.  Frangoulis was one of the main vocalists on Brickman's tour earlier this year.  I had the opportunity to see Frangoulis live with Brickman in Omaha.  Although I couldn't personally listen to his "classical" music all the time, once and awhile it's nice to hear a song like his.  Frangoulis' sang "Ave Maria" in Omaha as well.  <See Omaha review> "Grace" is truly a great album with the capability of high success.  Brickman is one of the most remarkable pianists and he has the rare ability to perform a variety of music. - Janelle Landauer