Added: December 31, 2005
Indie artist/songwriter Johnny Bulford has a new album available, entitled, "Southern Thing."  Bulford's song called "With You" first captured my attention after it was introduced to me on a trip to Nashville.  After listening to the whole album, my attention hasn't swayed that much at all.

The title track, "Southern Thing," would be a very popular song for southern folks in the spring and summer.  The song just fits as one of those great road trip songs with the rockin' up-beat tune.

I'm confused as to why "See You Later, Alligator" is on the album.  No matter how much of a great beat it has, I just can't see a song saying "see you later alligator, after while crocodile" ever making it in the industry.  It may fly more than I think, but I'm skeptical on this song for radio success purposes.  "Scream" is the track with the most ability based on lyrical and beat combination that every album needs.  The intensity of the guitars shines through yet doesn't overpower the entire song. 

"In My Hands (Granny's Song)" is the one single that I think defines an artist.  "In My Hands" is the best written, classically performed and overall a true standout.  Contemporary Christian music has increased drastically over the past couple years and this song would fit right in.  In the country genre, I'm sure you'd catch more flack than praise for a Christian single but Bulford deserves high respect with this one.  The piano solo of "Amazing Grace" at the end of the song is another timeless addition to an already mastered effort.

The production doesn't seem to be at the highest quality level yet, but the main factor to realize is that Bulford can sing and write well.  With a little more production time, Bulford could be competing among the best of the best.  Bulford's voice is uniquely crafted and it comes across as one of his most apparent assets. - Janelle Landauer

Top picks: "With You," "Scream," "In My Hands (Granny's Song)," and "Southern Thing."

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New Artist Feature: Johnny Bulford
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