New Artist Feature: Johnny Bulford
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by Janelle Landauer

CMO:  How would you describe your music for those who haven't heard you yet?

Some of my stuff is a mix between southern rock, country, and alternative acoustic music. My other stuff could be classified in any one of these genres.

CMO:  At what age did you begin singing?

I have been singing since I was able to talk, but did not perform until I was thirteen.

CMO:  How and when did your first break in the music industry come about?

I did a singing competition called the Colgate Country Showdown. Two of the judges worked for Transcontinental Records. They gave me the name of a songwriter in Nashville. I met with the songwriter in Nashville and he introduced me to Leslie Roberts at RCA and Doug Johnson at CURB.

CMO:  What is next for you?  -- A new album?  Touring?  Label?

I have no idea. Those things take money. I don't have any of that so I guess I will finish getting my degree and get a job in Nashville. Then maybe I can support my music career.

CMO:  Do you have a favorite song on your "Southern Thing" CD?  If so, what is it and why is it your favorite song

My favorite song would have to be "Just Like Us."  I just love the story in the song. It is actually based on my parents' story.

CMO:  What kind of songs do you look for (or write) when you go into the studio to record albums?

For some reason I tend to write a lot of love songs so when I go to make an album I try to write songs like "Southern Thing."

CMO:  Where do you find the ideas and inspirations when writing songs?

Most of the time I get inspired from the girls in my life. If I write a song that is not about a girl it usually comes from a life experience.

CMO:  Who are some of the other artists/songwriters you have written with or for?

I have written with Charlie Craig (wrote Wanted, Between an Old Memory and Me, and Tropical Depression), Marty Brown (wrote We're From the Country) and Larry Bastian (wrote Rodeo and Unanswered Prayers).

CMO:  Can you tell us about your favorite song that you've written overall?  What does it mean to you?  Why did you write it?

"How could I Not" is probably my favorite song because of how well it expresses how I feel when I fall for someone. I wrote it because I was falling for this girl I met recently. We are just friends now but hey, I got a good song out of it.

CMO:  One of our favorite songs is "With You."  How did this song come about?

It was actually an anniversary present for my ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately we did not turn out the way the song does.

CMO:  What instruments do you play?  What is your favorite instrument to play?

I play a little mandolin, piano, banjo and percussion but my favorite is guitar.

CMO:  How would you describe the whole process of recording your CD and what is a typical day in the studio like for you?

We are kind of rushed because of the lack of funds so I usually have to go into the studio with the finished product in my head and try to get it done before I run out of time.

CMO:  What goals have you accomplished and what do you still want to accomplish with your music career?

I have sung on stage with some pretty big acts but I still have not had the chance to meet Garth Brooks.

CMO:  What is your motivation behind your accomplishments and what continues to motivate you?

Women. I think that is the true motivation behind every man. Women are the key factor in what makes a good man.

CMO:  Who has been the greatest influence in your life (music related or not)?

My grandfather is the one who actually gave me the musical talent. I also think he set the bar high for me so it won't be easy to match what he has done.

If you could collaborate with anyone musically, who would it be and why?

Garth Brooks. His concert is actually what made me decide to be a musician.

CMO:  What do you like about touring and what do you dislike when you are on the road so much?

Missing school really bothers me because it is so hard to catch up sometimes.

CMO:  What is your favorite song to perform live?

"One of Those Things."

CMO:  While you're on the road, how do you balance your career with your family and friends?

I don't know if I always do. Luckily my family is involved in the career so they are there and my friends are very understanding.

CMO:  What do you do on the road to take up time?


CMO:  What is the most difficult aspect of the industry in your opinion? (from an artist standpoint)

Knowing who to trust.

CMO:  What advice would you give to those who plan to get into the music business?

Find someone who is in the business and hope to become their best friend. LOL

CMO:  Is there anything you would like to say to all your fans and all our readers?

Hear the music, enjoy the show, appreciate the musicians, but most importantly listen to the words.
Added: April 2006
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