Julie Roberts
Julie Roberts

I believe Julie Roberts and her team made a fantastic decision when releasing "Break Down Here" as her debut single on Mercury Nashville Records.  "Break Down Here" showcases Robert's uniqueness in her vocals and I believe this is the best song on the album.  Roberts' traditional country style singles her out of the crowd within the Nashville scene.  Roberts is a bluesy country singer which is shown in her wonderfully recorded tracks on this debut album.  This album is a great start to a long successful career, as I would predict for this talented newcomer.  Females were definitely struggling earlier this year in the industry, but if there is one who should make it, it is newcomer Julie Roberts.
Julie Roberts is the best female album released in 2004 so far. - Janelle Landauer

Album picks: "Break Down Here," "If You Had Called Yesterday," "Rain on a Tin Roof," and "The Chance."
Roberts but as everyone could see, it was a needed release.  This ballad shows that Roberts has powerful vocals and she delivers it flawless. "Last night he said she was the one Oh, but men and mascara always run."  "Men & Mascara" has enough of the right qualities... Radio stations along with the fans should embrace this new single by Roberts.  - Janelle Landauer

"Men & Mascara" hits radio March 27, 2006.  The album will follow with a release date of June 27, 2006

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Julie Roberts
Men & Mascara (single review)

"Men & Mascara" is the new single from Mercury Records recording artist, Julie Roberts.  Roberts will release her sophomore album by the same name on June 27th.  The debut album by Roberts was really good and different, but as much as they tried to promote her, the album didn't do as well as it could have.  Yes, the album did go gold, but competition is Nashville is fierce and others were walking away with platinum record sales.  Roberts needed to step it up with this new single release and she has done just that.  "Men & Mascara" is a song that you wouldn't necessarily have expected from
New Artist Feature: Julie Roberts
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