Tracy Lawrence: Strong
DreamWorks Records
Produced by James Stroud
Tracy Lawrence is back and doing better than ever.  His debut DreamWorks Nashville album contains the smash hit "Paint Me a Birmingham."  "Strong" also contains his new single, "It's All How You Look At It."  Lawrence's one-of-a-kind vocal abilities allow him to stand out from the many artists in the business.  "Strong" is the best album to date from Lawrence and I'm sure the albums will only continue to get better.  One of the great aspects about this album is the number of radio friendly songs.  Quality tracks on this album are "It's All How You Look At It," "Stones," "Paint Me A Birmingham," and "Bobby Darwin's Daughter."
- Janelle Landauer


PICK HIT: "Bobby Darwin's Daughter"

TRACY LAWRENCE: My personal favorite is a song called "Bobby Darwin's Daughter"  I like it because it kind of deals with losing faith and finding faith again.  I think that's something everybody has to deal with from time to time in life.  As life kind of twists you around, you go through things emotionally with your family.  Losing people in your life.  Whether it's a death or a relationship break up.  So I think it is something we all kind of struggle with from time to time and I thought this song addressed it very well.

PICK HIT: "Stones"

TRACY LAWRENCE: "Stones" - that's the kind of song that I really -in my heart- came to Nashville to record.  I had a lot of success with things like that deal with life scenarios like "If my world had a front porch" and "Time Marches On" .. I put "Stones" in that same category.  That to me, is what country is about.  That's a hard core country song.  I loved it because of the life message in it.  I thought it was a great song just about life.  Very emotional, very powerful.  James really outdid himself in the track.  Keep your fingers crossed, I'd like to see this as a single.
It's All How You Look At It
Paint Me  A Birmingham
Everywhere But Hollywood
A Far Cry From You
Bobby Darwin's Daughter
What The Flames Feel Like
Sawdust On Her Halo
When Daddy Was A Strong Man
Think Of Me
The Questionnaire
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