New Artist Feature: Sugarland
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Hall, and Kristian Bush are all accomplished songwriters and they contributed their talents to this complete album.  With an industry that was seemingly going down hill, it looks as though Country Music was given a breath of fresh air.  I can already tell that certain debuts, Sugarland included, are just outshining other debuts.  When all's said and done, Sugarland just has what it takes.  They are definitely pushing boundaries on their unique style and they are excelling full force.  Twice The Speed Of Life --- In stores now! - Janelle Landauer

Album Picks:
"Something More," "Baby Girl," "Just Might (Make Me Believe)," and "Stand Back Up."
Twice the Speed of Life
Review from October 2004

Twice the Speed of Life is one of three albums that I was highly anticipating the release of.  After hearing "Baby Girl," I knew there was something special musically with the new trio, Sugarland.  Jennifer Nettles (lead singer) has one of the most twang-influenced voices that I have heard and liked in quite some time.  The whole package - Twice the Speed of Life is such a remarkable debut.  Twice the Speed of Life surpassed any expectations I had for this album.  Jennifer Nettles, Kristen
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