Steve Azar hit the music scene back in 1996 with his debut album, Heartbreak Town.  With little air play, not many knew about Azar until recently.  Many people are now seeing Steve Azar as a newcomer.  His first single off of "Waitin' On Joe" album ("I Don't Have to Be Me Til' Monday") sored up the charts and made it to #1.

After all the success with "I Don't Have to Be Me Til Monday," Azar released his second single, which is the title track, "Waitin' On Joe."  It was the #14 song out of the top 20 videos of 2002 on CMT.  "Waitin' On Joe" was also nominated for Breakthrough Video of the Year and Video Director of the Year  (Steven Goldmann) at the CMT's Flameworthy Video Music Awards!

When writing songs, Azar keeps his Mississippi Delta heritage in mind.  "From the cover, to inside, and everything written inside that I wrote, brought me home to the Mississippi Delta which is another huge influence on my songs."  For the "Waitin' On Joe" video, Azar went back to the Mississippi Delta to shoot the video.  "It took about three days to make it and about a day to edit it."

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