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Added: December 10, 2005
By Janelle Landauer |

In any genre of music, it's rare to find strong independent acts.  Independent artists usually face several challenges. With little backing for a high-quality production album, the album usually ends up barely reaching the minimal audience.  Earlier this year, I received an independent based release from newcomer J.C. Andersen that proved that some independents actually have what it takes.

When compared to several other independent review albums, "When The Tide Rolls In" is actually a respectable release.  J.C. Andersen describes his music as "a bit of rock n' roll, a pinch of modern, contemporary bluegrass, and top it off with a little bit of just plain old country."   He has a unique sense of style which is rare to find these days.  "Sweeter Than Sugarcane" hits the core bluegrass audiences while "When The Tide Rolls In" fits better with the country rock fans.

"Sweeter Than Sugarcane" is a pure, well-produced single.  "Sweeter Than Sugarcane" is also his favorite song from his debut album, "When The Tide Rolls In."  He explains, "I love everything about the song. I think that it is just put together so well from the lyrics to the melody to the production.  It's just nice on the ear drums!"

J.C. Andersen is currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee in efforts to further his music career.  He has been writing a lot lately to craft his skills as a songwriter, as well.  He goes on to describe what he looks for when he writes a single - "When I write a song, I dig down deep to find a memory or idea that I feel will not only impact the general public, but also me every time I hear or perform the song." Andersen has also been co-writing with some talented songwriters in the music industry.  Among the list that he has written with include Mark Trail, artist/songwriter Johnny Bulford, and Marc Christian.

Andersen has accomplished so much early on in his career.  He explains, "I have traveled to Norway, Denmark, and different parts of the United States performing for people. I have also done opening shows for many major artists such as Keith Urban, Darryl Worley, Lonestar, Diamond Rio, Brad Paisley, Joe Nichols, and many others." As with every artist, he has goals that he hopes to accomplish along the way.  " In the long run though, I would love to have someone open for me and list it as one of their greatest accomplishments. Also, one of my dreams has always been to look out into a crowd of thousands of people and see them singing my songs with me."

J.C. Andersen is finally that artist who knows how to choose and write the perfect songs for his vocal range.  The new music he has been working on is even better than his debut.  While he may only be an "independent" artist now, I would expect 2006 to be his year in the music industry.

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