rendition of this song as well.  "Sweeter Than Sugarcane" hands down, tops this album from Andersen.  Nothing could surpass Andersen and his pure, soft vocals on "Sweeter Than Sugarcane."  "I remember lying under that old Magnolia, and the sound of summer rain... With a song of the South, rollin' around in my brain and kisses sweeter than sugarcane..."

The title track "When The Tide Rolls In" is the favorite up-tempo.  It is also the first of two songs where you find "J.C. Andersen's" name next to the songwriting credits.  Andersen wrote this track with Mark Trail and Marc Christian.

"The Girl That Broke Joe's Heart" is an excellent "story" song about a guy who falls for "the girl" who broke his friend, Joe's heart.  The chorus tells the story best:  "I wish you weren't the girl who broke Joe's heart... he's been my friend through thick and thin, you're leaving hit him hard but Joe was right, you're sure a sight and it's too bad you're who you are oh, I wish you weren't the girl who broke Joe's heart.."

J.C. Andersen has several qualities in common with Rodney Atkins who received noteworthy credit for "Honesty, Write Me A List."  Both Andersen and Atkins share the same producer (Ted Hewitt) and they have similar vocal qualities, as well.  Rodney Atkins co-wrote 4 of the tracks on "When The Tide Rolls In" including "Sing Along" which is also on Atkins debut.  Ted Hewitt not only produced Andersen's debut, but he co-wrote a couple singles with Atkins which appear on Andersen's debut.

"When The Tide Rolls In" is a well-rounded album.  The independents are rockin' out this year.  Independents have to work ten times harder than major label acts on getting their music heard.  Not to discredit independents, but if you are think you are going to make it, you better BRING IT.  The one thing different about J.C. Andersen is that he does bring everything to the plate.  This is a great example of an independent album that sounds as good  quality wise  as a major label debut.  The song selection on "When The Tide Rolls In" is absolutely unbeatable.  Andersen is finally that artist that can choose the perfect songs for his vocal range.  It is the year for independents and with the release of "When The Tide Rolls In," by newcomer J.C. Andersen you can obviously see why.

Album picks: "Sweeter Than Sugarcane," "When The Tide Rolls In," "A Kiss Away," "and "You Are."
J.C. Andersen's new album, entitled "When The Tide Rolls In" is now available at  Andersen is a new artist hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Even if Andersen is only 20 years old, he has it together like a veteran from a vocal stand point.  Andersen can really sing just about anything and his main attribute is his voice.

Andersen is an independent artist, but he has several qualities that the top artists possess.  Andersen has a great collection of songs on this debut - most notably "Sweeter Than Sugarcane," "A Kiss Away," "When The Tide Rolls In," and "You Are."  "Sweeter Than Sugarcane" was on an album earlier this year - Melonie Cannon's debut from Skaggs Family Records.  Cannon did a fantastic
New Artist Feature:  J.C. Andersen
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