2003 CD Releases:

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Keith Urban - Golden Road
Rascal Flatts - Melt
Josh Turner - Long Black Train
Billy Currington - Billy Currington
Montgomery Gentry - My Town
Chris Cagle - Chris Cagle
Dierks Bentley - Dierks Bentley

2003 Award Show Winners:

37th Annual CMA Awards

New Artists in 2003: Ashley Gearing ("Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You") - Rushlow (I Can't Be Your Friend) - Buddy Jewell ("Help Pour Out The Rain - Lacey's Song" and "Sweet Southern Comfort) - Rodney Atkins ("Honesty, Write Me A List") - Scotty Emerick ("I Can't Take You Anywhere") - Josh Turner ("Long Black Train") - Billy Currington ("Walk A Little Straighter") - Jimmy Wayne ("Stay Gone" and "I Love You This Much") - Blue County ("Good Little Girls") - Jeff Bates ("The Love Song" and  "Rainbow Man") - Dusty Drake ("One Last Time") - Amanda Wilkinson ("Gone From Love Too Long") -Aaron Lines -- US Debut ("You Can't Hide Beautiful") - Bering Strait  --- Jennifer Hanson ("Beautiful Goodbye") - Brian McComas ("99.9% Sure - I've Never Been Here Before" and "You're In My Head") - James Otto ("The Ball" & "Days of Our Lives")

Top 5 New Artists of 2003: Jimmy Wayne, Rodney Atkins, Josh Turner, Billy Currington, & Dierks Bentley.

Here at Country Music Online, we feel that all of those artists have true potential within country music.  Jimmy Wayne hit the music scene with his top 5 debut single, "Stay Gone."  Wayne followed up with the touching ballad, "I Love You This Much."  I'm surprised this song didn't fly up the charts, but it is currently #23 on the Radio & Records (R & R) charts after rising 2 spots.  Dierks Bentley has been around in the industry for awhile now, but his first single off of his album on Capital Records, "What Was I Thinkin'?" was his first major hit, and gave him the recognition needed to make an impact with his career!  The follow up to "What was I Thinkin'" is the single "My Last Name."  Rodney Atkins current single, "Honesty (Write Me A List)" just hit #10 on both the Radio & Records and Billboard charts.  Josh Turner's single "Long Black Train" debuted and made a huge impact on his career making radio, and fans have noticed him.  Billy Currington also had huge success with his debut single, "Walk A Little Straighter."
2003 Year In Review
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