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New Artist Feature: Julie Roberts - exclusive cmo interview - November 2004
Includes exclusive interview!

CMO: How would you describe your style of music for those who have not heard you yet?
Bluesy and soulful country.  Songs that many people can relate to.  CMO:  What goals have you accomplished and what do you still want to accomplish with your music career?
I've played the Opry and played on National Television (Good Morning America, Leno, CMT).  I still want to make many more records, headline my own tour one day, and along the way, be able to support my family.  I want to keep more and more people.  I love watching the way that my music affects them whether it makes them.... Read full interivew
Indie Artist Feature:  Angie Broberg - Feature, review and interview - November 2004
Includes exclusive interview!

Back in 2000, I came across Angie Broberg opening for country artist Shane Minor at our county fair here in Nebraska.  Although Country Music Online was not even in existance yet, I continued to attend many of Broberg's shows throughout the years.  I have watched Angie grow vocally so much over the past 4 years.  Broberg recently completed her new album, entitled, "Unchanged" which can be purchased at her website.  Unchanged consists of 10 tracks including "Beautiful," which she co-wrote with Jamie Wigginton.  Angie explains, "I co-wrote it with a good friend of mine here in Nashville, and.... Read full story
Indie Artist Feature:  Ty Nelson - Feature, review and interview - November 2004
Includes exclusive interview!

Ty Nelson is a fantastic new independent artist who released his self-titled album earlier this year.  Nelson's crisp clear vocals and a wonderful collection of songs provide for a great album.  Nelson remarkably reminded me of a young Kenny Chesney.  Nelson has so many qualities including his amazing voice and songwriting abilities that just add so much to his music.  Nelson contributed his songwriting talents to this album, co-writing "Where I've Never Been" with Michele Myers and Kevin Fisher.  Ty Nelson is also showing his support for our soldiers.  Nelson begins: "My favorite song so far is actually a..... Read full story
Indie Artist Feature:  Thomas/Marx - Feature and review - August 2004

There are several unsigned artists to consider when featuring artists at Country Music Online.  It's not very often that we do a full feature on any of them.  Although we know that there are unsigned, talented artists out there, you definitely have to search to find the best.  We have decided to do our first full independent feature on: Thomas-Marx featuring Higher Ground.  There was just something that intrigued us from the very first time we heard a clip of "What Would Your Memory Do."  We ended up receiving a copy of their mini album "Fasten Your Seat Belts" and we knew that there was something special about the upcoming duo, Thomas-Marx.  Thomas-Marx featuring Higher Ground is... Read full story
Indie Artist Feature: John Arthur Martinez - Interview and review - May 2004
Includes exclusive interview!

Do you still maintain any contact with the other contestants?  Yes, I do.  If fact, I keep in contact regularly with Buddy Jewell, who was my roommate on Nashville Star.  In fact, Buddy has kindly sent an email out to all of his fans telling them to get off the couch and go buy my new CD which is very nice.  One of my recent trips to Nashville, I went with my buddy Prentice Varnin.  Recently Anne Louise Blythe and Amy Chappell were doing a showcase in Nashville, so I went there with some of my other Nashville Star buddies including the producer Dave Parks.  Where do you find the ideas and.... Read full story
Indie Artist Feature:  Craig Morgan - Feature article - April 2004

Morgan, a Nashville Tennessee native is making lasting impressions on many.  Whether it's his true American spirit, or his unbelievable music ability, Morgan is becoming a rarity in the music scene.  Morgan was one of the first independent artists to show that it really doesn't matter if you are signed to the top major label in Nashville or an independent label.  Many other artists have began following in Morgan's footsteps by giving independent labels a chance, and a chance is what they deserve.  Morgan's hit "Almost Home" was recently honored with the prestigious Songwriter Achievement Award from The Nashville Songwriters Association International.  "Almost Home" was voted one of the ten top.... Read full story
New Artist Feature: Josh Turner - Bio, wallpapers, review and lyrics  - November 2003

New MCA artist Josh Turner will never forget his Grand Ole Opry debut. And neither will the Opry audience on the night of December 21, 2001, who gave the then-unknown performer two standing ovations.  "I sang a song I wrote, called 'Long Black Train,'" remembers Josh, "I was on cloud nine, standing there singing a song of mine, standing where Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Roy Acuff had stood. All of a sudden, people started standing up and cheering. I wasn't even through with the song yet! I had two more verses and a chorus to go. By the end of the song, everybody was on their feet. I was in awe, just in shock."   "Bill Anderson was hosting that.... Read full story
New Artist Feature: Dierks Bentley - Bio, photos, wallpapers and review -September 2003

"I once heard George Jones say in an interview that country music was like religion to him. I couldn't agree more. It's where I turn when times are tough and I need answers and it's where I go when I want to cut loose and have fun. As a singer and songwriter, it's not only how I make a living but what gives me direction and purpose in life."   "I don't have a storybook tale to tell, as many entertainers do, about growing up in a musical family. I wasn't singing harmonies in the church by age five and I wasn't fronting the family band by age ten. Everything I learned musically, I had to learn on my own. My country music education has consisted of listening to a lot records and spending a lot of... Read full story
New Artist Feature:  Billy Currington - Bio, wallpapers and review - September 2003

Raised in Rincon, Ga., about 30 minutes outside of Savannah, Billy Currington notices fewer dirt roads every time he goes back.  "I used to call it a small town," he says, "but now it's growing. It's really rich in pine trees, so they stuck a paper plant in Rincon, which brought a lot of jobs, and people started building there. They started paving all the dirt roads and taking what I used to know as Rincon  it's not the same place anymore."  Billy Currington's music often recalls a time when life seemed simpler, although the singer-songwriter certainly can't claim to have had an easy life. His mother married a man named Larry Currington when Billy was a year-and-a-half old. Through the next few... Read full story
Indie Artist Feature:  Ricochet - Bio, photos and interview  - June 2003
Includes exclusive interview!

Ricochet hit the music scene back in 1996 with their debut self titled album released on Sony/Columbia Records.  They have received #1 hits, top 10 hits, top 20 hts, and certified gold records.  "Daddy's Money" stayed at #1 on the Billboard Charts two weeks in a row.  Ricochet has also received many awards including the TOP NEW VOCAL GROUP  award at the Academy of Country Music awards in 1996.  Also, in 1996 they were the top selling artist at Fan Fair.  Ricochet has picked up a couple new members to form a all new sound.  Dwayne Dupuy now plays piano, organ, and doubles the baritone part in... Read full story
New Artist Feature: Marcel - Feature, bio, photos, wallpapers and more - May 2003
Includes exclusive interview!

Last year when Marcel was signed onto Mercury Records, I had the great pleasure of interviewing him.  A couple months later, he and Mercury split, but Marcel continues to work in the industry.  I recently had the opportunity to interview Marcel again more from his songwriting perspective, but Marcel is still an artist also.  Marcel made his debut to fans everywhere with his first single "Country Rock Star."  Speaking for the whole album in general, this is the best song on the record.  Marcel does a heck of a job singing and writing up-tempo singles.  Josh Gracin (Lyric Street Records) is currently... Read full story
New Artist Feature: Rodney Atkins - Feature, review and interview - December 2003
Includes exclusive interview!

Two years ago, Rodney Atkins went into the studio to record his debut album.  After he had finished the album, Mike Curb asked him how he had liked the final result.  Atkins was completely honest.  Atkins believed that the album could have been better.  "My ride was really up and down" recalls Atkins.  "Going through this, I kind of went through two or three producers.  Searching to create something that was different.. Something you really feel connected to.  Mike Curb allowed me to go in the studio and ultimately co-produce, basically the whole album.  It was an experimental process of learning... Read full story
New Artist Feature: Emerson Drive - Feature, review and interview - November 2003
Includes exclusive interview!

Last year, Emerson Drive made quite an impact with their self-titled debut album, Emerson Drive.  The album charted three hits.  "I Should Be Sleeping" and "Fall Into Me" established the band, and made fans all across North America start taking notice.  Brad Mates, lead singer of the band, also feels like those two songs helped to get the band started. '"I Should Be Sleeping" was the first single off the first cd.  I think it was a great introduction to show people who we were, and what we sounded like.  "Fall Into Me" was the song you couldn't go anywhere without hearing.  It was a very exciting feeling for us... Read full story