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New Artist Feature: Jason Michael Carroll - Review, bio, lyrics and wallpapers - April 2007

"Jason Michael Carroll doesn't look like he sounds  and that intrigue only heightens both realities of the twangy vocalist from North Carolina."  That surely is the case - as his biography points out.  Jason Michael Carroll doesn't look anything like he sounds.  Carroll has this unbelievable range and I'm not sure there are many that could seriously pull it off.  Carroll displays this rough image with long hair - almost a bit more like a rocker than a country star in the making.  Sure, this rough rocker image suits him perfectly on songs like "I Can Sleep When I'm Dead," "Anywhere USA," and "Honky Tonk Friends" but then you take one listen to "Alyssa Lies" or "Let It Rain" and you are sure to be... Read full review
New Artist Feature: Halfway To Hazard - About h2h, "Daisy" Review and lyrics - March '07

Halfway To Hazard features David Tolliver and Chad Warrix.  Both Tolliver and Warrix grew up in Eastern Kentucky, just outside of the town Hazard, thus how they got their band name.  This new duo is the latest addition to the Mercury Nashville roster and their debut single, "Daisy" is at radio and available for digital downloads now.  "Daisy" was written by both Tolliver and Warrix along with artist and hit songwriter, Anthony Smith.  "Daisy" is an excellent story song and a great way to introduce themselves to country music fans everywhere.  Halfway To Hazard has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to hearing their full debut album, which will be available in stores later.... Read full review + more
Indie Artist Review: Taylor Swift - Review and lyrics - November 2006

Taylor Swift has already had quite the start to her music career and she's only 16 years old.  At age 14, she signed with Sony/ATV Tree Music Publishing...  And, now she is signed with Big Machine Records; she released her debut single and video for "Tim McGraw"; and she released her debut album on October 24, 2006.  Swift also finished up the last 9 dates on the Rascal Flatts tour this year and next year she is slated as the opener on the George Strait tour.  The new self-titled "Taylor Swift" debut shows a lot of emotion and hurt written down and turned into Taylor's personal collection of songs.  Take one look at her "PS" statement and it's clear that though Swift is so.... Read full review
Indie Artist Feature:  Carolina Rain - Feature, bio, lyrics and wallpapers - October 06
Includes exclusive interview!

Carolina Rain is a new trio signed with Equity Music Group in Nashville.  Their debut album "Weather The Storm" was released on September 19, 2006.  The album features their hit single, "Get Outta My Way" along with several other inspiring songs.  Rhean Boyer (lead singer, guitar, principal songwriter), Jeremy Baxter (tenor harmony, mandolin), and Marvin Evatt (low harmony, guitar, banjo) all co-wrote "Carolina Rain" (the song) which ended up being the song that would name the group.  "After we started getting attention around town singing, we decided we needed a name.  We went through several names... Read full story
New Artist Feature: Chris Young - Review, bio, lyrics, wallpapers and news - September 06

With the release of Chris Young's debut RCA Records album, you get 11 tracks including most notably, "Drinkin' Me Lonely" which he debuted on the Nashville Star show and then went on to perform on the Opry.  Young co-wrote this debut single with Larry Wayne Clark.  "Drinkin' Me Lonely" proves first and foremost that Young can really write, but it also shows that Young is a highly talented singer as well.  Several of the tracks on Young's debut are up-tempo but when he sings the ballads, he nails them.  Besides "Drinkin' Me Lonely,"  "Flowers" is the standout ballad.  There is so much emotion in his vocals and this song is really a tear-jerker.  Both "Burn" and "Center of My World" would be great... Read full review
Indie Artist Feature:  The PovertyNeck Hillbillies - Feature, Review and Bio - July '06
Includes exclusive interview

The PovertyNeck Hillbillies debut Rust Records album was released on June 6, 2006.  Prior to signing with Rust Records, they were plugging the local Pittsburgh scene constantly and they were actually doing quite well on their own.    The PovertyNeck Hillbillies were the Official band of the Pittsburgh Steelers (the 2006 NFL World Champions.)  They sold over 30,000 records regionally and the Country Music Association named them the "Top Independent artist of 2005."  Last year in June, the band launched their album "Don't Look Back" at a release concert with over 4,000 fans in attendance.  The album... Read full story
Indie Artist Features:  NHW Songwriters Tour - Bio, review and interviews - July 2006
Includes exclusive interview

The "NHW" in "NHW Songwriter's Tour" stands for "No Hit Wonders."  The NHW Songwriter's Tour includes James Casto, Sabrina, Joe West and JP Williams.  Casto, West and Williams all have a bit of country music in their songs and vocal styles thus why we're drawing attention to their latest release entitled, "Courageous."  On "Courageous" you get three songs by Casto, West and Williams as well as three songs by folk rock / soul artist, Sabrina.  When you only have three songs to review, things can get a bit tough.  A trend is followed by all three of the artists that show more of the country.. Read full story
Indie Artist Interview: Candy Coburn - July 2006

Independent artist Candy Coburn has recently been called "a fireball onstage" and "a rising star."   Her rockin' country tunes are getting noticed in Nashville and beyond.  (Magda):  How did you get started in country music?   Candy:  I guess you can say I have been "in music" from birth. My grandmother is a great singer and she had me singing in church from about 3. I have always known from very early on that performing was the one "heaven on Earth" that God gave me (until of course later on when my wonderful husband and 2 precious little boys came along!).  (Magda):  Who do you feel influenced your music style the most?  Candy:  I have such a long list but I would first say Loma... Read full interview
New Artist Feature: The Wreckers - Bio, lyrics, news and review - May 2006

"Leave The Pieces" is the perfect song to debut on country radio.  "Leave The Pieces" was written by Jennifer Hanson and Billy Austin.  The single has a lot of potential and sounds very unique for country music.  With all the success Michelle Branch has received in the past, i'm sure it can only help both her and Jessica Harp with their country music ventures... Plus, it could help introduce Branch's old fans to the great world of country music!  On a couple songs, their pop/rock influences could have been left out.  For the most part, country music keeps it clean (language wise) and it is usually suitable for the whole family.  On "Cigarettes" "One More Girl" and "Rain" - there are... Read full review
New Artist Feature: Sugarland - Bio, lyrics, photos, wallpapers and review - May 2006

Twice the Speed of Life is one of three albums that I was highly anticipating the release of.  After hearing "Baby Girl," I knew there was something special musically with the new trio, Sugarland.  Jennifer Nettles (lead singer) has one of the most twang-influenced voices that I have heard and liked in quite some time.  The whole package  Twice the Speed of Life is such a remarkable debut.  Twice the Speed of Life surpassed any expectations I had for this album.  Jennifer Nettles, Kristen Hall, and Kristian Bush are all accomplished songwriters and they contributed their talents to this complete album.  With an industry that was seemingly going down hill, it looks as though Country Music... Read full review
Indie Artist Feature:  Johnny Bulford - Review, Interview and photos - April 2006
Includes exclusive interview!

Indie artist/songwriter Johnny Bulford has a new album available, entitled, "Southern Thing."  Bulford's song called "With You" first captured my attention after it was introduced to me on a trip to Nashville.  After listening to the whole album, my attention hasn't swayed that much at all.  The title track, "Southern Thing," would be a very popular song for southern folks in the spring and summer.  The song just fits as one of those great road trip songs with the rockin' up-beat tune.  "In My Hands (Granny's Song)" is the one single that I think defines an artist.  "In My Hands" is the best written, classically performed and overall a true standout.  Contemporary Christian music has increased drastically over.... Read full review
New Artist Feature:  Billy Currington - Bio, lyrics, review and wallpapers - February 2006

Billy Currington released his sophomore album on October 18th 2005.  With sophomore albums, you have so much to prove.  You have to start off with a good core base for songs and then you also really have to show everyone that you're different from the rest trying to make it in Nashville.  When I initially listened to "Doin' Somethin' Right," I wasn't sure if it surpassed his self-titled release or not.  Currington's debut album was a soaring attempt, though undercut, in my opinion.  After listening to both his old album and "Doin' Somethin' Right" a couple times, I honestly prefer his new album Although Currington has a couple songs on "Doin' Somethin' Right" that shouldn't have made the cut, his.... Read full review
New Artist Feature:  Miranda Lambert - Bio, lyrics, wallpapers and review - February 2006

The USA Network show 'Nashville Star' has found many talented artists.  Miranda Lambert was on the first season of 'Nashville Star' where Buddy Jewell was crowned the winner.  Miranda contributed her vocals to "Today I Started Loving You Again" on Buddy Jewell's debut Sony album and shortly thereafter, she became a Sony Recording artist herself.  Miranda Lambert's new album, "Kerosene," will hits stores in March 2005.  "Kerosene" features Lambert's debut single, "Me and Charlie Talking."  The first time "Me and Charlie Talking" was played on the radio, I wasn't quite sure if I liked the single, but after hearing it again, I realized that it was a great single.  The one single that I was... Read full review
Indie Artist Feature:  JC Andersen - Feature, review and cut x cut - December 2005
Includes exclusive interview

In any genre of music, it's rare to find strong independent acts.  Independent artists usually face several challenges. With little backing for a high-quality production album, the album usually ends up barely reaching the minimal audience.  Earlier this year, I received an independent based release from newcomer J.C. Andersen that proved that some independents actually have what it takes.  When compared to several other independent review albums, "When The Tide Rolls In" is actually a respectable release.  J.C. Andersen describes his music as "a bit of rock n' roll, a pinch of modern... Read full review + more
Indie Artist Feature: Billy Gilman - Feature and interview - July 2005
Includes exclusive interview!

Billy Gilman has gone through so much since he debuted in 2000 with his album, One Voice.  "One Voice" received a Grammy Award nomination in 2001 for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song.  With his debut at such a young age, it was expected that Gilman would have to take time off as his voice started to mature.  Gilman explains, "It was difficult because within those two years, I really had no control over what was happening.  For the past, I don't know how many years, since I was 3 years old- I could open my mouth, I could do whatever I wanted with my voice.  And then for... Read full story
Indie Artist Feature:  BR549 - Interview and review - January 2005
Includes exclusive interview!

CMO: How do you think you have changed from your debut, to your new album "Tangled In The Pines?"  We've learned a lot in the last 8 or 10 years or so about how best to record us and about how the music business works. We kind of know what works and what doesn't as far as how to get the best out of all of us.  CMO:  How would you describe the whole process of recording your new album, and what is a typical day in the studio like for you?
Well the tracking sessions have everyone there and we run through things until it feels good. When we get a good track on the bass and drums, we move on to... Read full story
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